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Getting Started with

As a valued client, your success is our priority. This page provides resources that will enable you to successfully use to start working smarter and faster in no time.

Getting Started

Getting started as a Requestor (Auditor)

Getting to know the platform and the key steps for initiating a request.

There are no license or sign up fees for using – auditors only pay for confirmations they send. By default, users will be required to pay at the point of initiating a request to a responder. We have office billing arrangements available suitable to firms that want to gain additional efficiencies in processing confirmations. Office billing requires a nominated supervisor to manage the arrangement.

Pricing Guide charges for each confirmation request sent through the system. There are no sign up costs or license fees.

Firm Wide Credit Card Authorisation Form

How to move to centralized billing, linking all purchases by one or more offices to a single credit card.


Request a refund through our technical team, If your request was denied and you did not receive any refund within 3-5 working days.

Preparing to use

Ensure you have the following information handy before initiating a request on the platform.

The Lead Auditor can setup accounts, initiate confirmations, view, print, and download client activity.

Shared Auditors can view, print, and download client activity, but cannot setup accounts or initiate confirmations.

Administrator (Supervisor) functionality is an additional function a firm can request to add to a registered user/s profile within their firm or office. Any user that has been given administration functionality will have an additional tab on their profile called “Administration”.

Audit Supervisor Guide

Depending on how information can be extracted from the bank systems, a form can be set up in 2 ways:

Individual account basis - The bank can only extract form details on an individual account basis. Auditors will therefore need to set up each account number as a separate form of the form type.

Entity wide basis - The bank can extract form details on an entity wide basis. Auditors can therefore send a single form of the form type using a main account number. As information is supplied on an entity wide basis all other account numbers do NOT need to be supplied.

In Network Responder Instructions

The In-Network Responders report provides you with the most current list of In-Network Bank including details regarding accepted forms and specific instructions for banks that share these here.

Audit Supervisor Guide

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